What is THRiVE Community Building?

THRiVE Community Building, a sister organization to Community Development Institute, provides consulting, assessment and technical assistance to support early childhood education (ECE) programs in creating systems to deliver optimum services for the development of young children. We focus on early childhood facilities and programmatic and organizational improvement.

Our Mission

To partner with those who are committed to improving and raising the standards of early childhood environments so that children can learn, grow and thrive.

Our Approach

We listen to your concerns, goals and plans, and we work in partnership to develop solutions that bring lasting impact, safety, compliance and sustainability.

Who We Serve

Nonprofits and mission-oriented ECE organizations

For profit ECE organizations

Local, Regional and State funded/supported ECE entities

Tribal Governments 

Shared Service Alliances

School Districts

THRiVE Community Building does not provide direct services to Head Start grantees. Our sister organization, Community Development Institute (CDI), serves the Head Start community through its work with the Office of Head Start. For more information, please visit Community Development Institute.

The THRiVE Difference

We are community focused

We have integrity + persistence

We take creative risks

We value and seek out diversity

We focus on our strengths

We are open and accountable

We are dedicated to making a difference in the world

We build capacity in the local community

Our Team

We are a team of experts with backgrounds in architecture, early childhood education (ECE), program implementation and management. We work to support entities providing early childhood education services in advancing their mission and service delivery with quality and efficiency.

Monica Duncan,

Monica Duncan,

Director of THRiVE Community Building,

is passionate about connecting with people and providing service excellence. With over 20 years of experience in program development, she brings her strength-based approach to each project and seeks to identify strategies that leverage sustainability and programmatic success.

Ricardo Ramos,

Ricardo Ramos,

Facilities Coordinator,

is a hands-on professional with a focus on planning and team organizing to delivering a creative solution to a problem.  His experience and success in the design and construction arena is the result of personal involvement in fully understanding the unique needs of the clients.

Sara Kraus,

Sara Kraus,

Operations Specialist,

understands the importance of first impressions, developing relationships and organizational efficiencies.  She brings her logistics expertise and client-centered approach to ensure that each partner’s initial and on-going experience with THRiVE Community Building is valuable.

Jubal Raffety,

Jubal Raffety,

Training and Development Manager,

has over 25 years of experience in learning and leadership development in diverse industries and cultures. He brings a commitment to providing unique, customized value to customers and employees through designing and delivering accelerated development initiatives. His goal is to support leaders and teams in building their own and others’ capacities in a lasting way.


Laurie Hand,

Laurie Hand,

Special Projects Manager,

has worked for more than 30 years in the early childhood and education field with much time devoted to work in diverse communities. Laurie is dedicated to partnering with groups and individuals to develop the early childhood and educational sector.

Rey Infante,

Rey Infante,

Program Security Specialist,

LET's Work Together

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