Below are just a few of the examples where our seasoned team has created positive impact with our partners:

 Organizational Capacity Building

Recognizing that strong collaborations yield the greatest results, the Tribal Child Care Association of California partnered with the Thrive Community Building Team in developing a process to engage tribal child care administrators and  state early childhood partners in the development of a plan to  positively impact  the quality of child care for tribal children throughout California. The Thrive team facilitated a leadership summit utilizing Appreciative Inquiry, which is a positive change process. By using this process, the organization’s members and partners developed stronger relationships, created a vision of what is possible and are continuing to work on measurable goals to mobilize action. Partners continue to engage to ensure cultural relevancy is incorporated in state funded services for lasting and sustained impact.

Participants Shared:

  • The next steps are a great path for the organization; [I] liked how we walked away with an action plan and next steps.
  • [On our first day of the Appreciative Inquiry process, I found it interesting that we are] All working towards the same goal. The overarching shared purposes that already exist.
  • [I learned] how positivity and Appreciative Inquiry can help our organization as a whole.
  • [I learned] the relationships and networking that happened so naturally = positive growth for the future.
  • [I learned] momentum for large scale change requires a lot of positive input.


Ric Ramos has been involved in assembling and leading resourceful teams to address urgent and unique building deficiencies and quickly formulate solutions.

Ric was called to assess the exterior wall of an upper-story multi-purpose room that suffered years of water infiltration that caused a supporting wood structure to rot. The structure’s repair was vital because it supported a 30-foot by 9-foot sloped window that was a potential hazard to people below.  Within 36 hours of inspecting the wall, an action plan was developed to clear the area in question, design a replacement wall to meet aesthetic requirements that solved design flaws of the original window, and hire an architect to develop final construction drawings for permitting by the local municipality.


A log cabin transformed into an early childhood and education center in Florida endured years of wear and tear with little-to-no maintenance to the log construction.  In less than 5 months, Ric assessed the interior and exterior conditions; provided specifications and drawings for repairs for bidding purposes; and provided project management as the  owner’s representative for the work of two separate specialized contractors for corn blasting, staining, and chinking for the logs and for the fascia and soffit repairs.

The work involved:

  • Extensive exterior log construction repair and restoration; removal and treatment of carpenter bee pests at exterior beams and rafters
  • Extensive repair and restoration of existing roof’s exposed timber beams, rafters, eaves and rakes
  • Installation of new soffit panels at existing soffit areas where timber beams and rafters were exposed for carpenter bee mitigation
  • Repair and restoration of exterior board and batten siding

All work was performed in specific phases while the center was still occupied.

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