The Three-Legged Stool of ECE success

  Because 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten, it is crucial that young children live and play in a happy, healthy, and safe environment. Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs and their staff not only provide a caring place to learn, they also play...

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Your Community, Our Impact

    The THRIVE Community Building team has a long history of improving services for young children and empowering their management teams. This is one of our success stories.  THRIVE Community Building’s Director, Monica Duncan, led a team and a group of...

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THRiVE Community Building Is Here!

    We are excited to announce that THRIVE Community Building has launched! THRiVE Community Building is the newly formed sister organization to Community Development Institute (CDI). Our organization is all about helping children thrive in their care and...

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Who should partner with THRiVE Community Building?

  THRiVE Community Building partners with early childhood education programs of all types, and our goal is to ensure safe, compliant and efficient environments and systems that support young learners, their families, and the staff. We can help most any ECE...

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Get To Know THRiVE Community Building

    THRiVE Community Building is a sister organization to Community Development Institute and provides consulting, assessment and technical assistance for early child development entities. We assist programs in creating systems and structures that provide...

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THRiVE Team Dynamic Tips

  Oftentimes when we see a lag in ECE facility enrollment, we don’t know what to look at first. Parent satisfaction? Advertising? Competition? Location? A place to look first is your own management team dynamic. You can hire the best of the bunch, but that...

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